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Jay Shoup (
Wed, 17 Apr 1996 17:40:14 +5000

You should not need a pre-amp for the mic. Generaly the mics i have
tried, and they have been many, all worked fairly good even from a
distance. Have you tried setting the gain controls (1x,2x,3,4x) in
the SB provided mixer?

Also you might try turning AGC on in the Win95 mixer. This generaly
corrects the problem....

Good luck....

> Here is, I suspect, a fairly simple question. I have a Soundblaster
> 16 card in my 486-100, Win 95. My problem is that I have tried
> several microphones (including one that listed itself as Soundblaster
> compatible) and although they work, the sound sensitivity is poor. I
> have to get about an inch from the mic before it picks-up well. I
> have turned the microphone slider in the mixer window that comes with
> SB16 all the way up and have adjusted the multimedia control under
> windows. This is not just a CUseeme problem. I have the same problem
> with the sound recorder that comes with Win95. Do I need a preamp for
> the microphone or is there a better microphone out there?

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