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Dennis J. Streveler (
Wed, 17 Apr 1996 17:06:04 -0700

At 05:40 PM 4/17/96 +5000, Jay Shoup wrote:
>You should not need a pre-amp for the mic. Generaly the mics i have
>tried, and they have been many, all worked fairly good even from a
>distance. Have you tried setting the gain controls (1x,2x,3,4x) in
>the SB provided mixer?
>Also you might try turning AGC on in the Win95 mixer. This generaly
>corrects the problem....
>Good luck....
>> Here is, I suspect, a fairly simple question. I have a Soundblaster
>> 16 card in my 486-100, Win 95. My problem is that I have tried
>> several microphones (including one that listed itself as Soundblaster
>> compatible) and although they work, the sound sensitivity is poor. I
>> have to get about an inch from the mic before it picks-up well. I
>> have turned the microphone slider in the mixer window that comes with
>> SB16 all the way up and have adjusted the multimedia control under
>> windows. This is not just a CUseeme problem. I have the same problem
>> with the sound recorder that comes with Win95. Do I need a preamp for
>> the microphone or is there a better microphone out there?

Hello Jay,

Even with AGC on and/or the gain set up (as far as x8), I don't get
sufficient gain from my 600-ohm microphones. I have tried three different
mic's with my AWE32 board.

I think the only feasible solution is a pre-amp.


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