Re: Audio - Microphone

elliot smith (
Thu, 18 Apr 1996 01:08:09 -0700

If you want sound sensitivity, get one of those stereo headset amplifiers
(the cheaper model will do fine) from radio shack. I think they're like 10
or 15 dollars. These things are marketed for people with poor hearing.
Connected to a headset, they don't seem all that hot, but wired into a tape
player in place of the condensor mic or plugged into my Mac computer's Mic.
jack it is at least as sensitive as the human ear. You will have to
construct a cable that on one end is a mini stereo plug and the other end
is whatever plugs into your mic jack, but with a $15 soldering iron and
some scotch tape :) you can do an okay job. Only probelm is it may be too
sensitive.. oh yeah, in this case you need to wire in some resistors. I'm
not sure what ohmage, but if you try a few different orders of magnatude
you should find someting that works.

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