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Wed, 17 Apr 1996 23:20:05 -0700

Bill Mikulic wrote:
> Hello,
> For what it's worth.
> I use a brand new USR Sportster 33.6 at work. As you can see I use CRL as my
> ISP; their service is extremely reliable. The Sportster NEVER connects at
> 28.8 let alone 33.6! I usually get 24kbs or 26.4 connect speeds.
> At home I use an AT&T Dataport Express 28.8 modem (which was cheaper than
> the USR) and I ALWAYS get a 28.8 connection. The AT&T product is also
> extremely reliable! Ironically, my office is located closer than home to the
> dial-up! Last I heard AT&T sold the Paradyne division (telecom product
> div.), so the production of Dataport Express 28.8 was halted. I don't know
> if it will resume.
> I was a satisfied user of the Sportster 14.4, (prior to 28.8 becoming
> common) it was very good. In recent times (internet related IPO frenzy) USR
> must be more concerned with profits and the stockholders than the
> development of a solid product. My experience w\ their customer support and
> products has been dismal-- to say the best. We all remember the spiraling
> death syndrome?? USR is the only major modem maker that designs and builds
> their own chipsets-- some of us have experienced the culmination of those
> efforts.
> Alternative, buy a Courier, it seems to be less buggy, probably not any faster.
> Bill
> At 01:04 PM 4/15/96 -0500, Daniel W. Erskine wrote:
> >David I. Sommers, Ph.D. wrote:
> >> I upgraded ny Sportster from 288 to 336 and now consistently log-on at 24000.
> >> It seems to me that the limiting factor is how the ISP is set up rather
> than anyt
> >>
> >> David Sommers
> >
> >Greetings:
> > This is unfortunate as I cannot see how ANY ISP would want to limit the
> B/W of
> >their customers?!? Maybe, if you can try out other ISP locations with 28.8
> baud
> >support, you will see the difference.
> >
> >Good luck,
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> >Hmm,
Well I just "upgraded" from a USR sportster 28.8 v.34+, to a Courier with the
V. Everything that USR is famous for. I use Slip.Net for my ISP, and very rarely
get anything under a 28.8 connect, with either of the models. However, previous
to using Slip.Net I was was on NETCOM, and as such very rarely rec'd a 28.8 connect.
As a matter of fact there standard was 26.4, and that was the basis of my decision
to leave NETCOM. After many attempts at resolving the problem with NETCOM support,
the best they copuld come up with was the old "telco line noise problem", NOT!
The more likely problem was that there routers/modems were set not to except con-
nections at 28.8k, plain and simple.
It kinda reminds me of checking my friends connection (via the ATI6 screen in the
USR models) to AOL, there software reports "connecting at 28,000" not! after
checking, it was found to be a 24,000 connect.

My feelings are that if an ISP advertises for a 28.8 connection, then they should
provide such a connection, if not, time too find another ISP, not like there not
a dime a dozen these days!

As too the Cu-Seeme software I have, WP v2.01, works fine under WFW3.11, on a P90
with 16MB ram. I get a throughput on cuseeme direct connect, at around 4800 cps
average for tx and about the same for rx.

I think that the USRobitics products are the best, and will continue to be the best.

Well, again these are just my opions.

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