[W] Problems with capture devices

Anders Fosgerau (af@wave.emi.dtu.dk)
Thu, 18 Apr 1996 13:11:33 +0100

We have a Video Blaster RT300 card installed in our Pentium computers
running Win95. This capture card is not supported with the Cornell
version of CU. We have used the WP version of CU with the card with
great succes. But a demo license runs out.. In addition to the RT300
card we have a Quickcam camera and the CU-Doodle driver. Of course we
would like to use these devices with CU.

The problem is that we have installed Win95 drivers for the blaster
card. This means that we do not have an RT300 entry under the
[drivers] section in SYSTEM.INI opposed to the Quickcam and CU-Doodle.
Version 0.84b7 apparently allways select the first videocapture
device that in this case allways seems to be the RT300 card. So how do
we make the Quickcam driver the one that's selected from CU ? One
possibility is of course to use the old Win 3.1 drivers for the
Blaster card but isn't there a smarter solution ?

Or to rephrase the question: Why don't ver. 0.84b7 have a box for selecting
the different video devices installed in a system ?


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