RE: Audio - Microphone
Thu, 18 Apr 96 21:46:59 PDT

Dear friends,

>>At 05:40 PM 4/17/96 +5000, Jay Shoup wrote:
>>distance. Have you tried setting the gain controls (1x,2x,3,4x) in
>>the SB provided mixer?
>>Also you might try turning AGC on in the Win95 mixer. This generaly
>>corrects the problem....

>From: "Dennis J. Streveler" <>
>To:, <>
>Even with AGC on and/or the gain set up (as far as x8), I don't get
>sufficient gain from my 600-ohm microphones. I have tried three >different mic's with my AWE32 board.
>I think the only feasible solution is a pre-amp.

Although I am not sure, it might be an impedance mismatch between the impedance of the Sound card and the impedance of the microphone. Try looking for a much lower impedance than 600 Ohms for the microphone.

Best regards, Frans Djiwatampu
Jakarta, Indonesia
Date: 04/18/96 ; Time: 21:20:47