Re: 7500 freezes

Jay Shoup (
Thu, 18 Apr 1996 11:57:58 +5000

> This doesn't happen every time. In fact it seems to be directly
> related to whether or not there are people standing around expecting
> me to make it work:)

The effect is called the 'Murphy Factor'. Its has been thought, by
leading specialist around the world, to be a subset of the basic laws
of Murphy.

The actual law states, "The statistical probability for successful
presentation of a concept or idea seeking general acceptance is
inversely proportional to the number of observers observing an
experiment or project".

Although not generally accepted as a fundamental law of nature by the
majority of scientific minds around the world, a growing number of
intellectual researchers have indicating that it should be. The
prospect of this law becoming an accepted standard in the scientific
community is growing.

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