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Daniel W. Erskine (derskine@apci.net)
Thu, 18 Apr 1996 11:05:53 -0500

vangal venkatesh wrote:
> I was wondering if there is going to be support for person-to-person
> conferencing on regular phone lines-bypassing the internet. Say two
> persons talking with one another decide on videoconferencing. Then first
> person would type AT A and the other AT X3 D to let both modems connect.
> THen the conversation can proceed on cuseeme.

Actually, there is!!! But you need to use a third-party WinSock transport
software, i.e. Trumpet WinSock. There's a few members on this mailing list (my
self included) who have "tricked" both local and remote machines into seeing
each other as an ISP. One side would do the "AT A", and the other would do the
"AT X3 D" (as you listed). The only thing is that both sides would have to
manually dial and make this connection!

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