more 7500 PowerMac woes

Russ Welti (
Thu, 18 Apr 1996 10:55:32 -0700 (PDT)

I also have problems with a PowerMac 7500, 7.5.3, mint
condition. Can't launch CUSeeMe(PPC)8.3 at all, never
have succeeded yet. Multiple re-downloads, PRAM zaps, rebuilt
desktops, etc..

Are there NO-NO extensions?
Modern Memory Manager ON/OFF?
Internet Configurations manager (IC) SW required?
MUST the QuickCam be present to run it? (I doubt it)

I ran an old CU-SeeMe on my Powerbook (Sys7.1)
quite happily for a long time...

Where are the Mac gurus ?

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On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, Mark Nettleton wrote:

> Howdy,
> On the same machine with which I'm having the static noise burst audio
> problem (7500/100 w/7.5.3-see prev. msg), I'm now getting system freezes
> when starting CU-SeeMe. Is anyone aware of any no-no extensions? This
> doesn't happen every time- In fact it seems to be directly related to
> whether or not there are people standing around expecting me to
> make it work:)
> bye bye