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I have an additional question for you. Not specific to LURKING, as a
matter of fact it has nothing to do with LURKING.

Do you have a firewall and or proxy in place?
Or are you going direct from your 486 /T1 to Internet?

If the answer to the first is yes, then maybe you can assist me in
attempting to execute CUseeme at work in the same manner no video card
etc.. I would be happy with what ever little or as much as you can

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Subject: Lurkering.
Author: at Internet/X400
Date: 4/18/96 11:58 AM

I am new at this CuSeeMe thing and currently I am only a Lurker. I work at
NASA and Don't have a sound card or camera..... Yet. I do however have a
T-1 line that provides video at a good rate.

My problem is that the only site(s) that I have been able to access with any
success is the NASA TV and its other reflectors. Is this because other
reflectors repell lurkers and only allow 'giving' participants or is it a
Mac to PC problem of communication?

I am on a 486-33 PC, T-1 connection.

I appreciate any help I can get.

BTW: is there any way to get other lurkers to 'see' that someone wants to
chat, besides going into chat mode and waiting for a response. Possibly a
new release of Cuseeme could provide a Chat light on the video box. Thanks!

Derek S. Green

Web Astronaut -