Re: The list (or where to get a reflector list)

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>Subject: Re: The list
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>DA>At any one time, 1/2 to 2/3 of the entries can't be reached for various
>DA>reasons; they are off, down, gone, etc. Of the rest that you can connect
>DA>to, the interesting ones are always too busy for you to get on. It doesn't
>DA>matter which list you use!
>DA>I am serious about that, but remember, the specific list you mentioned
>DA>has big sections of "private" reflectors, as well as a section of known
>DA>bad IP's. Many lists do not include these...
>How does anyone ever get on a PRIVATE reflector? How do the useers get
>together in the first place?

A lot of people use some of the IRC channels dedicated to CU-SeeMe to meet,
get to know each other, and share private reflectors. This is not as hard
as you might think. There are at least five CU-seeMe related IRC channels
on Undernet besides mine. Some of the others are sexually oriented, and
some not. Mine is not. We try to help people get familiar with the
software, and try and work out their assorted problems.

>Where can you get a list of running reflectors?

I just added John Becker's latest reflector lists to the REFLECTOR section
of my web page (address below)

>Burt Fisher

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