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>Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 13:11:33 +0100
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>Subject: [W] Problems with capture devices
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>We have a Video Blaster RT300 card installed in our Pentium computers
>running Win95. This capture card is not supported with the Cornell
>version of CU. We have used the WP version of CU with the card with
>great succes. But a demo license runs out.. In addition to the RT300
>card we have a Quickcam camera and the CU-Doodle driver. Of course we
>would like to use these devices with CU.
>The problem is that we have installed Win95 drivers for the blaster
>card. This means that we do not have an RT300 entry under the
>[drivers] section in SYSTEM.INI opposed to the Quickcam and CU-Doodle.
>Version 0.84b7 apparently allways select the first videocapture
>device that in this case allways seems to be the RT300 card. So how do
>we make the Quickcam driver the one that's selected from CU ? One
>possibility is of course to use the old Win 3.1 drivers for the
>Blaster card but isn't there a smarter solution ?

Straight from the Install FAQ on my web page:

You should find two entries in the [drivers] section of your SYSTEM.INI
file, like this:
msvideo=intelpro.drv (or something like that)

Put a semicolon (;) in front of the first line and change the second to say:

I have a Captivator card AND a Quickcam, and this is how I swap without even
leaving Windows.

>Or to rephrase the question: Why don't ver. 0.84b7 have a box for selecting
>the different video devices installed in a system ?

>From what I have heard, Cornell will not be releasing any new versions of
CU-SeeMe, since White Pines has released a commercial version. We will all
have to live with the latest ones that they released, or pay for the White
Pine version. I bought the WP version when they had their $50 special, with
a T-shirt, and I'm glad I did. The new features (mainly being able to
REFUSE a direct connection) and the improved codecs make it worth the money.
Thje T-shirt is a pretty ugly color, though :-)

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