CUSeeMe & Powerbook IP question

herrera lloyd (
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 08:46:09 -0500 (CDT)

Could someone that owns a Powerbook please respond to this e-mail. I
received this e-mail and I have never worked on a Mac so I can't answer
his question. I am assuming that he is using some form of PPP/SLIP for

Thank you for taking the time to help!

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I am new at this CuSeeMe thing on a trial basis and didn't
have much success. I use a Powerbook Duo 230 with a Global
Village 19.2 modem. Every time I open the CUSeeMe and
connected to NASATV, I could see a few participants and
lurkers, howevere, my name never showed up in the list. When
I clicked on their names, their video pictures would
display. Sometimes there were sound from NASA and I never
heard people(among participants) talking. My questions are

First, if I just want to connect to one person(just like
talking to someone on the phone), what steps should I take
to connect to the other party? I couldn't even find my own
IP. I tried to open the talk window and found people were
talking(writing) to each other. So they just look at each
other's faces and communicate in wrting? It is a very
uncommon form of communication to me. By the way, I have
read so many "Read me First' and "FAQ"s from CUSeeMe and
none of them telling me how to do the basics.

Second, it seems to me that many people are using the free
CUSeeMe software provided by Cornell University. And the
commercial one by White Pine (the enhanced version) is only
for PC users. From your point of view, is the enhanced
version worht it? Or the free software is good enough for
voice communication?

I thank you for taking time reading this. Finally, I
appreciate any help I can get. Thanks! Best regards,
Jeff Shu