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Daniel W. Erskine (
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 15:50:21 -0500

Jose Alvear wrote:
> I use Enhanced CU-SeeMe quite often, but am having some trouble sending
> video when I connect to other users. I can receive video pretty well, but
> many people can't see me at all. Or it comes in very slowly and never quite
> fills in.
> I have a 28.8 rockwell type modem, 486/50 with 20MB RAM and a Quickcam.
> Would it be best to use a standard US Robotics modem for better xmission? I
> am willing to buy a better modem, is necessary.
> Also, does anyone know what the proper initialization string is for these
> modems? Perhaps the problem lies there.
> As far as the transmission and reception levels: is there a proper level
> that works best under many situations, or must you constantly change it to
> suit your connection with another? I've had my xmission as high as 40 with
> no real change, it seems.
> If anyone has any pointers, I would appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Jose Alvear

Although, I cannot say which modem is the best, I can always direct your
attention to the following location:

This location will tell you *EVERYTHING* you need to know about the init strings
of ANY 28.8 modem on the market. Also included is information on the US Robotics
modems, so that you can research and compare them yourself!

Hope this helps,
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