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jim (jimw@premier1.net)
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 20:21:13 -0700

Christopher Riggs wrote:
> I am a new PC user and I am having trouble with the gethostbyname nnnnn error.
> I'm using Windows '95 with a Pentium, and AT&T Worldnet is my service provider.
> I've gone through the readme, faq, and changes files and I've created a host
> file (I think) in my windows directory where my winsock is. I still get the
> error. I'm not on a LAN and don't have any firewalls, but I do have two DNS
> servers, a Primary and a Secondary. Is this the problem? In the faq it said
> something about not needing a host file if you have a direct DNS connection.
> How do you put a file "in the path" before windows is started with windows '95?
> Any information about this gethostbyname error and possible remedies
> (whether related to the above or not) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
> Christopher.Riggs@worldnet.att.net

I have the same problem and same environment that you seem to have,
other than a different ISP. I've tried all sorts of things including a
DNS trace and got nowhere. The hosts error also occurs when I take both
DNS IPs out of the setup for the stack.

One solution is to get the 32 bit White Pine version of CUSEEME. It
works fine with WIN 95. Actually, I prefer the Cornell version :(