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>> Are there any hams that I could use CUSEEME with at the same time we are
>> on the air? Maybe I will finally find a use for ham radio.
>Yes, I am N4ZCX in Atlanta. I also have a question:
>Is there any way I can type in a "nickname" instead of a numeric address?
>For instance, "" instead of How do I
>find out what nickname to use?
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Check the CUSEEME.MRU file in the REFLECTOR section of my web page. Ths
file is a list of public reflectors from John Becker at Cornel. The DNS is
the nickname that you are looking for. For example:

Target2= ! ASU Geology {???}
;Reflector Name: Arizona State University, Department of Geology
;Location: Arizona State University, Department of Geology
;Contact: Douglas A. Howard <>
;Web Page:
;Last Response: 4/9/96
;Comments: Public, for private conferences & Mars Global Surveyor

In this case you would use for the nickname.

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