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Bill Woodland (
Sat, 20 Apr 1996 10:55:35 -0500

>Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 20:11:33 -0700
>From: jim <>
>Subject: Hosts Error
>I saw your note about the gethostname error and have a similar problem:
>I am using WIN 95 and the WIN 95 TCP stack dialing up a ISP using PPP.
>I have in my Windows directory a file called HOSTS with the address. I
>have to change this each time I log on since it is a dynamic address. So
>I am in WIN 95, dial up the ISP, logon, get the address, update the
>HOSTS file, then start CUSEEME b87. And I get the hosts error.
>This used to work when I used the older Windows For Workgroups and
>Trumpet. And, it still works if I use the 32 bit WhitePine release.
>But for some reason Cornell doesn't go.
>I've noticed that if I use the WhitePine release to access a reflector,
>and then sign off that if I start up Cornell b87 then I can access the
>same reflector IP okay. But the minute I try another IP I get the hosts
>What am I missing here? It must be something wrong in my setup.

Hi Jim. That is a really good question. I'm not sure I have the ANSWER,
but I might be able to give you a SOLUTION. First of all, let me suggest
that you do NOT run BOTH the WP and the Cornell versions unless you swap out
the cuseeme.ini file. They both put their ini file in the windows
directory, so one will overwrite the other. I keep a cuseeme.cor and a
cuseeme.wp and before I start up CU-SeeMe, I copy the appropriate file in
cuseeme.ini and when I'm done, I copy the ini back to the previous filename.
I'm lazy, so I made a batch file for it.

Now I'm no TCP expert at all, but I would guess that the Cornell version
might do some kind of reset after it has disconnected from a reflector, and
this might be why you can't get to another reflector after that. I have
noticed that the two version do some of their tcp stuff a little differently.

Finally, the SOLUTION just MIGHT be to make a hosts file with all of the
possible IP addresses that you might be assigned. I can't guarantee that
this will fix the problem between the two versions, though. If you make two
seperate ini fies and keep them straight, this might also help.

Fred Salerno wrote a nice little program called MAKEHOST.COM and I have it
in the DOWNLOAD section of my web page. When you run this program, give it
the first three nodes of your ISP's IP address, and tell it to start at 1
and go to 255. It will make 255 lines in a hosts file with a name for each
IP. This should keep you from having to change the HOSTS file all the time.

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