Re:How do I "call" people on cuseeme?

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>Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 02:52:48
>From: (Stacy McCaskill)
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>Subject: How do I "call" people on cuseeme?
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>How do I get a list of reflector addresses/numbers? Or how do I
>get a list of people who have Cu-Seeme capability? I would like to
>use CU-SEEME between my office in the USA and my factory in China.
>I am set up and ready to go here in the USA and would like to test
>this product out but don't know how to dial into anyone?
>I don't even know how to find my own number so that someone else
>can dial into me?
>Can anyone explain to me how this works???
>Puzzled? Thanks...Stacy McCaskill

2. no one has an accurate count of this. There is a page with a CU phone
book at:
3. You have to enter their IP address while they actually have CU-SeeMe
running. To connect to a REFLECTOR you enter the IP address or the DNS name
for it.

Try for some illustrated instructions.

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