Make computervision rt and cuseeme work together

Ram S. Ravindran (
Sat, 20 Apr 1996 12:56:34 -0500

How to get cuseeme and computervsion rt work together?

1.Install video for windows on your hard drive (freeware from Uncle Bill)
you can locate it at different sites.

2. Download from

UNzip it to a floppy (this is a must)

FRom the floppy run setup

transfer weyesrt.dll from the floppy to the windows directory

3. Download latest version of cuseeme (.84b7) from Cornell

Unzip it to a directory cuseeme

4. Check in your windows/system directory for msvideo.dll and ctl3dv.dll. If
they are there then you don't have to transfer those files from your cuseeme
directory. Just delete them from cuseeme directory.

If they are not there then trnsfer them from cuseeme directory

5. If you have a permanent ip address enter it in the Hosts file

example your i

6. I f you get dynamic ip address enter it in the Hosts file

7. The hosts file has to be located in the same directory as the winsock stack

8. You can create a Hosts file using notepad.exe or any simple text editor

Make sure that you save it. and locate it in the same directory as the
winsock.dll file

9. This you have to do it before you turn on cuseeme

Make sure that your video size is set for 160*120 and 8 bit

Now you are set to marry cuseeme and computervision rt