Re: Mac QuickCam for Sale!

Dave Easton (
Sat, 20 Apr 1996 16:18:04 -0700 (MST)

As said by
> Brand new, used less than 1 month.
> I'd like to get my money back, since it's so new, and the color cams are out
> now (wish I'd have known, I would have waited.)
> So, for $100.00 COD, a QuickCam, box and software, is yours.

I knew it when I saw the subject.... $100 for a USED QuickCam and COD no
less! Boy, that takes nerve. You can buy these all day long for less,
brand new, with a new warranty and in most cases locally.

Hey, you buy this camera for $100 ++ and I'll sell you a copy of the
WhitePine 30 day test drive software for only $350, plus $75 for UPS ground.