Enhanced Cu-SeeMe (White Pines)

colin hansch (assetmgt@ksc.net.th)
Sun, 21 Apr 96 15:38:27 --0700

I have been running the freeware version of Cu-SeeMe from Cornell
without any difficuluties, not using a direct SLIP connection, but
using the SLIP emulation program SLiRP, which will run Cu-SeeMe from

3 days ago, I downloaded Enhanced Cu-SeeMe from the White Pines web page
this too works satisfactory when connecting to a reflector running the
Cornell reflector software.

The problem however, is when I connect to a reflector setup for running
Enhanced Cu-SeeMe from White Pines. Initially the reflector answers,
giving me a list of availible conferences to select from (e.g 0, 1, 2)
when I select for example conference 0 and depress O/K, the software
indicates it is, making contact with conference 0, however from there
it just waits and waits.

I have tried this on other reflectors setup for Enhanced Cu-SeeMe with
exactly the same problem.

Any reflector setup for running the Cornell version of Cu-SeeMe is
no problem whatsoever.

I suspect that the new Enhanced Cu-SeeMe, from White Pines is using some
special UDP or TCP addresses, not setup for running the SLiRP emulator.

SLiRP does have the ability, to redirect special UDP TCP addresses, within
its configuration file.

Would anyone know, what special UDP TCP addresses, that Enhanced Cu-SeeMe
requires to operate ?

Thank you in advance, for any input anyone may have, that could solve this


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