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Mon, 22 Apr 1996 01:22:00 -0500

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>Subject: QuickCam Extension Cord
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>Does anyone know if there is a way to rig up an extension cord for the
> How about a standard 10' parallel printer cable? Would that do it?
>Someone told me that the QuickCam needs to have data flowing in both
>(to the system and back) so instead of a printer cable it would need a
>"peripheral cable". Have never of this unless it's just a generic name for
>something more specific.
>So does anyone know of a way to purchase and install an extension cord for the
>QuickCam? I'm on a PC, not a MAC.
>Bill Knauss (

I spoke to Connectix about this a few months ago. If you get a standard
db25 male to female cable, it should work just fine. I believe they said
there is a limit on the length of the cable, though, of about 15 feet.
Don't forget, you will also need an extension cable for the POWER cord going
to the keyboard port.

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