Video problems ....
Mon, 22 Apr 1996 09:23:06 +0900


After checking the FAQ's, I am still stumped. I have been trying to set up CU-See Me, but I am experiencing some problems:

When I start up the program, I am not seeing my own video; I assume that when you connect to your own IP address that you should be able to see your own video. I am running on a Power Mac 8500/120 with loads of RAM, CU-SeeMe software v0.83b3(PPC), and a BW Connectix quick cam. I have the quicktime extensions: QuickTime Musical Instuments (2.0), QuickTime PowerPlug (2.1), and QuickTime (2.1). I do not believe that the computer's Japanese OS is causing problems (but I am not positive). I am running the camera into the Modem Serial port. The camera's video works fine with Connectix Qcam software. The CU-SeeMe read-me says that a "serial port video digitizer" is required in addition to the QuickCam. Am I missing something?

Apologies if I am making a basic, stupid mistake ....

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Thanks in advance!