Re: Linux conferencing?

Anders Fosgerau (
Mon, 22 Apr 1996 09:44:20 +0100

> I know the first place to start and that is with NV and VAC. NV is a
> program that runs in X Windows that will receive (send?) CUSEEME data
> streams. BUT, I have compiled NV a bunch of times and never gotten it
> to read a stream from another cuseeme client. Any ideas?
> alex
> On Sat, 20 Apr 1996, Vik Bajaj wrote:
> > >From the FAQ and elsewhere, I learn that there are no CU-SeeMe X clients
> > around, but only a reflector. I want to set up an audioconference (at
> > least) between a Linux box and a Mac. Any ideas on how I could do this?
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> >
> > Vik Bajaj
> > University of Pennsylvania
> >

We have tried to transmit video between a HP-UX system and CU-SeeMe and
got something to work...

First of all make sure that NV can send from from one X-terminal to
another (using different hosts / servers). Notice that NV can capture
a portion of the screen and use it as the video signal just like
CU-Doodle on a PC. This means that you don't need any video capture
devices on the X-terminals for this test.

The next step is to try to connect a CU-SeeMe client to the NV
client. CU-SeeMe uses port 7648 whereas the standard port for NV is
4444. Even changing the NV port number we never got it working.

But include a reflector in the setup and something happens! The
reflector seems to be able to convert between CU-SeeMe and NV.
Although the coding in NV can be set to CU-SeeMe it seems that the
transmission protocol is different.The reflector needs to be set up for
NV communication (including the NV port number). This is done by
adding the line NV-UC-PORT 4444 (or any other number you choose)
to the reflect.conf file.

An important note: Even if you only want the NV clients to receive,
you must start sending from NV. Else you reception will freeze. But
in case you are not sending any meaningfull video keep the sending
bandwith low.

The audio equivalent of NV is VAT. But I have no experiences with
that program, neither alone nor in relation to CU-SeeMe.

Good luck!

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