Space Time Local requires some help..

Schwann (
Tue, 23 Apr 96 21:22 EET

Time is not linear anymore..

it is circular..

this is why some of us seek validation of the global mind
by further interaction through CuSeeMe..

now i have a video camera and a Pentium 120 and enough RAM and memory etc..

simply put,

do i have to buy anything else?

how do i connect the camera to your timelines?

i've been told that the $150 minicams work through the printer port but will
a video camera work like this as well?

is there a gizmo which will allow interface that does not cost mucho $'s?

i know that a video blaster will prolly do it but that costs dineros.... :)

any suggestions?

is it easier just to buy the minicam for $150 than to hassle with matching
old and new tek? (though the idea is somewhat appealing)

many thanks for considering my words...