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>Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 18:28:17 -0700 (MST)
>From: (Gregory Lambert)
>I read your post to CuSeeMe list about I am interested in
>obtaining that file. Would you please e-mail me information on where I can
>get it? I tryed doing a search of the internet, but no match came up, so
>maybe it has a different name. Thanks for any help. Gregory Lambert

MAKEHOST.COM was written by Fred Salerno. I have this program in the
DOWNLOAD section of my web page, which is at

I originally got it from Fred's FTP server at in the
pub/PC area.

It's still there. I just checked it.

Here, again, is how to use it, in case anyone else needs the info:

Make a note of what your IP address is right now. I'll assume that it's for the example.

Drop to DOS.
type MAKEHOST and press <ENTER>
You see:
MAKEHOST - Makes a HOSTS file for Dynamic IP. By Fred Salerno

Enter the first three segments of the IP address. (ex:199.199.199)
(you enter 105.205.101)

Enter the starting address (ex:1)
(you enter 1)

Enter the ending address (ex:255)
(you enter 255)

Done! HOSTS file created!

The hosts file will be in the directory you were in when you ran MAKEHOST
and it will have 255 lines in it, and look like this: dialup dialup dialup dialup dialup
. dialup dialup dialup dialup dialup

Put this hosts file in the same directory as your winsock.dll file.

And here is a little more info that I sent to another person, to help
explain what this program does, and why you might need it:

Yes, makehost is available on the download section of my web page. Its
purpose is to make you a hosts file with all of the ip addresses in it that
you MIGHT be assigned by your provider. Your provider PROBABLY ssigns you
an IP address from the same CLASS C license every time. A CLASS C license
gives you the first 3 numbers of an IP address, and you can use .0 through
.255 along with it. As in the example, this CLASS C license would be the
105.205.101and you (your provider, that is) add a .0, .1, .2, etc. to the
end of that to give you 256 different IP addresses.

One time you dial up, you may get and another time you might
get As long as the number you get starts with the
105.205.101 then this hosts file will give that IP address a name for you.
If your provider uses MULTIPLE CLASS C licenses, then run the makehost
program for each different license and add the different hosts files into
one file. Let's say they also have 105.205.102 and use that license for
assigning IP addresses to their users, also. Run makehost once for
105.205.101 and rename hosts to something else. Run makehost again for
105.205.102 and add in the previous file. Your hosts file can have as many
lines in it as you want. As long as the IP address that you are USING is in
the file, then it will get a name associated with it.

If this still is unclear to anyone, let me know and I'll try to write it up
more thoroughly.
Don't forget, Fred Salerno at wrote this program, not me.
If any of you want to send him some MONEY for it, feel free :-)

Speaking of which, Bill Neisius at wrote CUDOODLE, and
I'm sure HE would love some MONEY, also.

CUDOODLE can be found at

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