Reflector setup on UNIX platform...

Dennis Crawford (
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 11:28:15 -0700

Hello everyone..

I am having some questions about how to get my reflector set up on my UNIX box (SCO, 3.2
to be particular..)

I have the correct binary and have setup the reflect.conf file.. but how do I start it?
I've done the ./reflect & like I would run anything in the background and it starts up
and then dies a while later... I think it dies as soon as somebody abnormally
disconnects from it.. Strange... Is there a better way of envoking it or something I can
put in my conf file to help me out?

Please respond via email to me at: as I don't read the
cu-seeme-l list.. (at least not now.. maybe I will once my reflector is up!!!)

Thanks in advance...


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