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>Subject: please HELP !!!!!
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>I am often looking at NasaTV with CUSeeMe but I have 2 major troubles.
>It is mainly with the sound. I have a PC Pentium 75 Mhz with a 64Kbs
>line connected to Internet.
>1. I can not hear the sound all the time. There are long period when
>I can see people speaking and no sound is coming.
>2. When the sound is coming, there is a kind of echo which makes
>a speech ununderstandable. I assume it is when the transfer rate
>is suddenly poor.
>I am almost sure it is a configuration problem but i can not fix it.
>I am running windows95.
>Does anybody have an idea ?
>Thanks for replying.

Make sure you have the right drivers for your sound card. Use the latest
White Pine version of CU-seeMe for best audio results. At 64k speeds, set
your receive max setting to 64 to receive as much as possible.

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