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>Hi Everyone,
>anyone got a tip for the best video capture board to use with an NTSC Sharp
>Colour Home Video Camera?
>i'm running a Pentium 120 with 16 megs of RAM and an 8 Bit Soundblaster Pro..
>i have a nice mountain outside my window and am looking forward to showing
>it off:)

Any of the video capture cards listed in the compat.txt file will work with
ANY video camera that has a standard RCA plug for the output. The make and
model of the camera make no difference whatsoever as long as it has the
correct type of output.

Personally, I like the Captivator from VideoLogic, but I don't think it is
available any longer. The manual for the White Pine version only lists the
following video capture cards:

Video Blaster FS200, Video Blaster SE100, Video Blaster RT300, all from
Creative Labs.

Computer Eyes 1024 from Digital Vision

Win/TV/ Cinema/TV-Celebrity/TV-HighQ from Hauppage Computer Works

Movie Man from Logitech

VIDEO BASIC PCI from ATI Technologies, Inc.

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