Re: Enhanced CU-SeeMe Mac Beta Available Now - Free

Darrell Kitchen (
Fri, 26 Apr 1996 14:22:12 -0600

Stephen A. Stiner wrote:
> >>It's here..............Enhanced CU-SeeMe for Mac - THE FINAL BETA!
> >
> >
> >So far IT ROCKS!....I will put it though some good strong tests tomorrow.
> >[I'd do it tonight but my daughter wants to go home] I'll let you know
> >what happens.
> I've been putting it through some strong tests for a couple of weeks. The
> first beta crashed on me a lot, but this beta seems to be pretty stable.
> And... I love it!
> Stephen
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So far the new Enhanced Version of CU-SeeMe for the Mac (supporting
color) has done nothing but crash my mac. Several times it allowed me to
connect to a reflector, but abruptly kicked me off and wouldn't allow me to
reconnect to that site again. It didn't give me any error messages, or tell
me that I was doing anything wrong, it reported that the reflector site was
not responding (BULL#@%^)! When I went back to the previous version
of CU-SeeMe, it worked fine. I was able to connect, as I should, and didn't
crash/or kick back.

I am using the Color QuickCam on a 601RISC PowerMac.

Any thought's on this, anyone?