Re: Enhanced CU-SeeMe

Vincenzo Ferro (
Fri, 26 Apr 1996 22:51:29 +0000

On 26 Apr 96 at 16:29, john fonhof (john fonhof
<>) wrote:

> I downloaded the enhanced CU-SeeMe version cu201W16.exe from White Pine Software
> It clearly states it is for 30 evaluation with the expiration date being
> August 31, 1996
> When I try to install it it will ask for:
> name
> company
> serial number
> Why a serial number if it is a 30 day demo version
> What is it or where is it available
> John Fonhof

On the dowload page of white pine there is a touch botton,on the top
of the page, that gives you a demo serial number.

That number will be prompted on video and will be sent by E-mail on a
later time


Vincenzo Ferro
Volpiano - (Torino)