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Fri, 26 Apr 1996 19:25:40 -0500

Below is a copy of an Email I received from Connectix outlining their plans
for marketing the Color QuickCAM:

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Yvonne Evans wrote:
> I have a question onthe new camera. Where do you get it. Connectix webpage
> says it is shipping but I cant find it. If anyone knows where it is via the
> net or in stores or even catalogs email me.
> thank you
> Yvonne
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Subject Re: [W] Color QuickCam?
Date: 24 Apr 1996 13:32:19 U
From: "Customer Service" <>
To: "Daniel W. Erskine" <>

RE>>[W] Color QuickCam? 4/24/96

Dear Daniel,

This upgrade info is intentionally not made available on the web page. Registered
users will receive their upgrade info by mail.

The Mac Color QC is available now. The Windows Color QC will be available before
the end of May. You can find our products at most local computer stores or you
can purchase them through mail order houses. To purchase through mail order you
might call PC/Mac Connection at 1-800-800-1111. They ought to have plenty of our
product in stock to send right out.

REGISTERED users of greyscale Quickcams (purchased before April 15th) should
receive a $60 mail-in rebate offer by mail within the next couple weeks. You can
give the Customer Service department a call at 800-950-5880 to verify whether you
are in the database.

We appreciate your interest in Connectix products. The best way to quickly receive
more information on Connectix products is to visit our WWW page at
or call our faxback system at 1-800-571-7558. If you have more specific questions
or need info. mailed to you please call the Sales Dept. at 800-950-5880.

Best Regards,
Erik Kiehle
Sales Department