Problem with nv and CU-SeeMe

Richard Bennett (
Fri, 26 Apr 1996 18:20:37 -0700

Hi folks.

I'm trying to make a CU-SeeMe reflector play with nv over multicast, and not
having much luck. The reflector works fine for the Macs attached to it, and
the nv works fine between a number of Sun and SGI workstations, but they
won't share each others toys very well at all. The Macs running CU-SeeMe can
see the nv streams, but except for a few minutes, the nv clients can't see
the CU-SeeMe.

The gnarly details:

Reflector is 4.00b3.dist/reflector-4.0-b3-irix.tar.Z

The reflect.conf says:




I'm running nv version 3.3beta, running from a script with:

nv 7650 -detach -encoding:CU-SeeMe -name:Richard

nv is not impressed by the -encoding switch, so I set it by hand.

So the question is: is this supposed to work? Some of the on-line
documentation I found said CU-SeeMe can only send multicast and can't
receive, but this is the exact opposite of what I'm getting. I also ran
across a FAQ which said to use:

MC-TO-NV 16 a.b.c.d

but doing that makes reflect whine and die.

Suggestions? I'd really like for this to work, as we're heavily into MBONE
around here, and have lots of Macs and PCs in the shop.


Richard Bennett                                         Cupertino, CA