Win95 Reflector problems

ode (
Fri, 26 Apr 1996 21:01:06 -0500 (CDT)


I am running the Win95 reflector on a token ring (16mbps) local
area network.
The clients are cu-seeme PC's running win3.1 or win95 on
the token-ring or on ethernet via routers.

I have noticed following problems:
on some PC's the video transmits with good speed (up to max ~200kbps)
to the reflector, but out the reflector to clients it does 1kbps.
Client is on a 486 66mhz PC. Same hardware as the reflector.
notably the ethernet PC is the one which comes very slow off the
reflector, its doing fine to the reflector.

other PCs do well both transmiting as well as receving to the
reflector. cu-seeme is setup in a identical way on both PCs

Major difference is the network numbers PC that works is on
170.170... net (same as the reflector) and one with problems
is on 206.208... network.

pings to both ip address return identical figures ~3 to 5 ms
(ping from the reflector PC)
so it dosent seem like network lag.

I tried playing with the cap figures in the cuseeme.ini files
but that dosent help for example current receive cap was
zero or one I changed it to a higher figure but its modified
by cuseeme as soon as I connect to the reflector.

I understand the reflector sends packets to the client
to check its transfer rate and controls the clients
transfer rate, it that what changes the .ini file?

CAP parameter is not implemented in the win95 version from UCSC
so I cant tweak that.

whats intresting is that some PCs connect and perform well
and there were only 3 clients on the reflector so it
couldnt be the load on the processor? (and the 16mb RAM)?

Would the UNIX client have the same problems?

Another problem I had was the local window disappeared after
connecting to the reflector on one client, deleting
the cuseeme.ini and running cuseeme again solved this.

One I couldnt fix was the problem where the client was unable to
see a particular video stream. Disconnecting and reconnecting to
the reflector didnt help, even disconnecting the other client
didnt help, deleting the ini file didnt solve the problem too..
(its okay to delete ini as cuseeme creates a new one if its not there)
any suggestions as to why this could be occuring?

inspite of all these problems, I really had fun (still having ..)
using cuseeme and the ucsc reflector, cant wait to try the
cornell reflector

thanks for reading the post.