basic reflector info wanted

elliot smith (
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 00:28:20 -0500

Hello all, I'm looking for a little info about what resources are necessary
to run a cu-see-me conference. Lets say you have 5, 10, or 30
participants. Client-side, everyone needs a reasonable speed internet
connection and a fast computer. But what do you need for the reflector?
If it were one big reflector with a t1 or t3, specifically how much
processing power would be required?

Now what if these participants are distributed in labs accross the country.
In a typical lab there would be extra 386s or 486s or now days pentiums
(or Macs if it's a real lab :-) computers availaible. So would it be
possible to use these computers to network them into a big reflector, to
distribute the load among the labs.

Now if it helps any, the application in mind is an instructional setting.
This means participants only need to view 1 user - the instructor(s) (say,
2 at most). The instructor(s)'s screen size will limit the number of
participants that they can watch simultaneously.

Speaking of Macs, are there any reflectors availaible for them? I suppose not.

okay - one more question, let's say each lab has it's own reflector set up.
each reflector would multicast to the local participants. If the
instructor's reflector could multicast to the reflectors, this would cut
down on the work of the main (teacher's) reflector exponentially.


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