find u find me

elliot smith (
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 01:03:52 -0500

The problem: imho, it's really difficult to find people to chat with on
cu-see-me. randomly connecting to reflectors just doesn't cut it for me.
The chances of one of your net pals happening to also have cu-see-me
capability is minimal. IRC doesn't work well either. learning how to use
IRC just for the purpose of finding people to chat with on cu-see-me is a
little to much to ask, and imho most people probably don't use irc. I've
tried it and it didn't work well.

The solution: Well there are various things I've thought of but here's
what I think is the best idea: maintain a list of who all is currently
using cu-see-me. Currently as in this very minute currently. The way that
would work is to set up a customized web chat cgi script. You fill out a
form listing your contact information and you interests, and how long
you're going to be on. Your entry is added to the master list which can be
downloaded by vsiting it's url. I guess that different find-u-find-me
sites might be devoted to people with different interests, so as to cut
down on the size of the list of people who are on-line, unless there really
only is like 150 people max using cu-see-me at any given time, in which
case this type of find-u-find-me site is all the more necessary.

As far as contact goes, I think that could best be accomplished through
talkd, a little program that runs on unix, Mac, and IBM PC and is
identical to cu-see-me :-) except it doesn't require a reflector. It's
text only communication.

So could someone please build this find-u-find-me site? :-)