Mark (
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 06:38:34 -0700

I am using a 486DX (40Mhz) processor, with 20 Megs of Ram, a 28.8 modem, a
SoundBlaster 16 with microphone and a black and white QuickCam. Also, I am
using the most recent non-expanded version of CuSeeMe. If someone can help
me out with getting it configured better, I will DEEPLY appreciate it! Here
are my problems:

1. When I am in the program, there is no adjustment "diamond" next to the
microphone bar in the Audio window. Therefore, I am unable to adjust my
output so others can hear me clearly. Is there something I can do to be
able to change the output volume?

2. I can not hear anyone else's sound at all.

3. I am unable to see anyone else's video at all. (My system is set up for
28 Kps output maximum.) I have set the maximum number of windows open as
low as 2 and as high as 8, with difference in performance.

4. I can only access two sites to check the system out on. Is there an
easy way to get a listing of servers for CuSeeMe that I can access? I only
want to be able to connect to pre-existing servers at this time.

5. When I press the button for private discussion with others who are on
the server, do I just leave it pushed in for the duration of the
conversation and just use the Talk button on the Audio window to speak/listen?

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