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Vincenzo Ferro (
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 17:05:44 +0000

On 27 Apr 96 at 1:03, elliot smith (elliot smith <>)

> The problem: imho, it's really difficult to find people to chat with on
> cu-see-me. randomly connecting to reflectors just doesn't cut it for me.
> The chances of one of your net pals happening to also have cu-see-me
> capability is minimal. IRC doesn't work well either. learning how to use
I think that your solution is a very good one and I hope that someone
will build yor idea.

At the moment I don't use IRC to find people to contact with cu-seeme
but the voice chat program I-phone.
I- phone built the solution you are talking about.
There is a list of people connected at the moment.
Due to the fact that I-phone allows you to join (or even create) your
own "TOPIC" (like IRC) you just have to join topics related to
Cu-seeme to meat people with that program. You contact peole,
exchange IP number and....connect.
If you will try my nockname on I_phone is Enzo



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