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>Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 06:38:34 -0700
>From: Mark <>
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>Subject: problems!
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>I am using a 486DX (40Mhz) processor, with 20 Megs of Ram, a 28.8 modem, a
>SoundBlaster 16 with microphone and a black and white QuickCam. Also, I am
>using the most recent non-expanded version of CuSeeMe. If someone can help
>me out with getting it configured better, I will DEEPLY appreciate it! Here
>are my problems:

By "non-expanded" I suppose you mean the Cornell version, not the "Enhanced
CU-SeeME" version from White Pine.

>1. When I am in the program, there is no adjustment "diamond" next to the
>microphone bar in the Audio window. Therefore, I am unable to adjust my
>output so others can hear me clearly. Is there something I can do to be
>able to change the output volume?

No. Use the mixer for the soundblaster software to adjust the input for
your mic.

>2. I can not hear anyone else's sound at all.
>3. I am unable to see anyone else's video at all. (My system is set up for
>28 Kps output maximum.) I have set the maximum number of windows open as
>low as 2 and as high as 8, with difference in performance.

Fine, but what is your RECEIVE max set to? Set this to 28 also. Once you
connect to a reflector, open the participants list and click on the names in
the "Senders (not showing)" section to open their video. Their name will
move to the "Senders" section.

>4. I can only access two sites to check the system out on. Is there an
>easy way to get a listing of servers for CuSeeMe that I can access? I only
>want to be able to connect to pre-existing servers at this time.

Reflector lists are available on my web page (address is at the end of this

>5. When I press the button for private discussion with others who are on
>the server, do I just leave it pushed in for the duration of the
>conversation and just use the Talk button on the Audio window to speak/listen?

The mic button on their video window is for directing your audio to that one
person. If you want to talk to everyone on the reflector, don't click on
anyone's mic button.

To actually SEND audio, click on the "Push to Talk" button in the audio
window and hold it down until you are through speaking.

If you click on an individual's mic, then your audio will only go to that
one person.

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