George P Lois (gpl@henry.net)
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 13:45:51 -0400

I've been using the Cornell version of CuSeeme sporadically for some
time before I bought a QuickCam and tried the White Pines version a
couple of days ago. With that, like the Greek god who had a thousand
eyes, I see everything and make new friends. I am also in danger of
becoming a CuSeeme addict. But I'm having so much fun that's the least
of my worries...

My problem is: why is the White Pines version, who looks superior in
every other aspect, takes so much longer in connecting to a site than
the Cornell version? It takes literally forever. I know there exists a
version of DEMON DIALER for White Pine, but I can't seem to find it on
the same WWW page where the Cornell version is. Any hints, dear
cyberbrothers and sisters?