Netscape bug causing problems with MAKEHOST.COM

Bill Woodland (
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 19:26:52 -0500

I have found what I would call a "bug" in Netscape 2.0 that has caused some
problems for people trying to download the MAKEHOST.COM program from my web

Evidently, Netscape looks at a .COM file as some kind of text file, and when
you hold down the shift key and click on the link, it adds a line feed
everywhere that it sees a carriage return. The file is supposed to be 1359
bytes, but when it gets to your pc, it is 1374 bytes. Attempts to run this
program will cause your pc to lock up.

I called the Netscape tech support to report the bug, and their suggestion
for a temporary fix was to convert this to a .ZIP file, and Netscape should
handle it correctly. In MY opinion, this is an unnecessary step for ME,
though it's only once, and the users will have to unzip the file before they
can use it, and then delete the zip file. This seems like a lot of trouble
for one little 1354 byte file.

The best solution would be to get MAKEHOST.COM from the same place that I
got it. I originally got it from Fred Salerno's FTP server at in the pub/PC directory. It's still there. I just
checked it. If you need this program, try getting it from there, since it
doesn't get transferred correctly from MY web page.

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