Re: 24 hour test site requested

Marcelo Franck Barboza (
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 02:24:37 -0300 (GRNLNDST)

On Sat, 27 Apr 1996, john fonhof wrote:

> I just started to use the PC demo version of Enhanced CU-SeeMe
> I have a slip connection and no problems with Eudora or Netscape V2.0
> CU-SeeMe seem to work sometimes
> At least it tells me it is connecting and after some time it will tell me
> no responce (from the site I request)
> I have been unable to get connected at all
> Is there a 24 hour test site available ???
> So far I have tried about 10sites all come up with "no responce"
> I can see my modem light flashing about every 3 sec when I try to make a
> connection

The same described above occurs with my slip connection, using
slirp, when I try from home. But if I try cconnecting at the
university's network, it works just fine (as a lurker) even under a 9600
baud connection. ok i got 1, 3 fps :(
What seems to be the problem? I have a 486/50, 14400 Cirrus, 8
megs, using trumpet slip connection.
Thanks in advance.

Marcelo Barboza