Mac Performa 5200 & CuSeeme crashes...

Pierre-Jean Thomas (
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 12:34:49 +0000


I'm using au Performa 5200 16 Mo internal Tv:video card with my
handy personnal cam
system 7.5.1 (the 7.5.3 is not yet available in France..) and nothing
else (ramdoubler, speeddoubler...., only the system)
MacTCP 206 PPP 105 (I tried oldest & newest versions also)
CuSeeme 083b3 PPC (I tried also 68k version..)

Nothing to do it's crashing with errors 11,7 & 1 after a few
minutes.. why?

I have changed & reformated my Harddisk drive with Setup Drive 104
I have changed my mothercard... Always the same...

I have put Macsbugs => always the same error
"Privilege violation at 408027B0 _PutIcon +00172" ??????

Please HHHHHHHHEEEEELP!!!!!! Since 4 month it's VERY HARD for me

Thanks for your help if you have any idea
73 best regards
Pierre-Jean THOMAS /F6HSW