CU-SeeMe and proxy-based firewalls

Michael Owings (
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 07:40:56 -0500

Is a proxy available for use with CU-SeeMe? I have an ISDN connected
linux box conntected to the internet. My provider, however, will not
route into my network. So I use various proxies to communicate to the
Internet from within my Lan (http, ftp, and various other proxies from
a number of sources, including the TIS firewall toolkit). Is such a
proxy available for CU-SeeMe? I would also be interested in writing one
if it's not already available. If CU-SeeMe can be socks-aware, that
might also work.

Replies by direct email only please, and I'll summarize back to the
list. Thanx -- mikey

Michael Owings Chief of Operations
Uncle Leroi's Hazardous Materials Storage and FemtoBrewery New Orleans, LA