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Bill Ryan (
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 14:22:12 -0800

White Pine has future plans to address these issues.

The 2 "problems" which need to be addressed are (as I see them):

1. A list of worldwide *public* reflectors and their active conferences
with a brief description of each conference and/or reflector (sort of a
reflector yellow pages???).

2. An Enhanced CU-SeeMe public VC directory listing those people who wish
to be listed, brief textual description/info area, IP address, etc....

Item 1 above would help users find people of like interests (i.e. find a
reflector wich may address their specific interests).

Item 2 is more for finding a specific person to contact.

I feel item 1 could be done via software app. (either built into reflectors
or separate server app.).

Item 2 could be done as simply as via a Web page???

Just my thoughts, but management is aware of the need(s) and has plans to
address them (no pun intended) in the future.


>Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 01:03:52 -0500
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>From: (elliot smith)
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>Subject: find u find me
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>The problem: imho, it's really difficult to find people to chat with on
>cu-see-me. randomly connecting to reflectors just doesn't cut it for me.
>The chances of one of your net pals happening to also have cu-see-me
>capability is minimal. IRC doesn't work well either. learning how to use
>IRC just for the purpose of finding people to chat with on cu-see-me is a
>little to much to ask, and imho most people probably don't use irc. I've
>tried it and it didn't work well.
>The solution: Well there are various things I've thought of but here's
>what I think is the best idea: maintain a list of who all is currently
>using cu-see-me. Currently as in this very minute currently. The way that
>would work is to set up a customized web chat cgi script. You fill out a
>form listing your contact information and you interests, and how long
>you're going to be on. Your entry is added to the master list which can be
>downloaded by vsiting it's url. I guess that different find-u-find-me
>sites might be devoted to people with different interests, so as to cut
>down on the size of the list of people who are on-line, unless there really
>only is like 150 people max using cu-see-me at any given time, in which
>case this type of find-u-find-me site is all the more necessary.
>As far as contact goes, I think that could best be accomplished through
>talkd, a little program that runs on unix, Mac, and IBM PC and is
>identical to cu-see-me :-) except it doesn't require a reflector. It's
>text only communication.
>So could someone please build this find-u-find-me site? :-)

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