Sportster 33,600 defects
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 00:20:15 +0000

I have just been told from someone high up that the current US
ROBOTICS 33,600 sportsters on shelves now have alot of flaws in them,
and thought that some people that are having problems with Cu-seeme
could benifit from this info.

I've also been told that they have a fix for the problem in the near

I hope this is benificial to someone. Beware, some people believe
there are people planted to kinda do help with damage control in the
different telecommunications newsgroups, to downplay the problems
with this modem.

Guess the only way is to try a different modem if your using a
sportster and judge for yourself. Seems so many news sources are
biased now days, so beware!