New user with TWO problems

Jeff Lee (
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 10:40:02 -0400

Hi there.

I tried all weekend, unsuccessfully, to get CuSeeMe working. I've
scanned the entire archive of this mailing list, trying to find an
answer to my problems, but although I've seen the questions asked,
the main problem seems to have been unanswered.

Not only am I running with slirp (which I assume is the main problem,
because most of the people asking about the "no connection" from the
reflectors are running slirp), but I'm also trying to use it under
OS/2, which people have also reported problems with.

I've set up the hosts file properly (I assume, though I'm a bit
uncertain as to exactly which IP address to put in it); ifconfig.exe
and the TMP/ETC variables are set up in config.sys; UDP port 7648 is
being redirected in .slirprc -- in short, I've tried to do everything
that's supposed to make it work properly.

Unfortunately, it's not. I can connect to myself using,
but not my shell account's IP address. Reflectors don't give me a

Is there anyone who's running slirp (and OS/2), who *can* connect to
the reflectors? If so, any assistance you might be able to give would
be greatly appreciated.

I'm about at my wits' end.

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