Re: Color QuickCAM

Rob Fleetwood (
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 15:44:13 -0700


Believe the answer is as simple as:

The Cornell version of CUSeeMe does not yet support color, whereas the Enhanced version from White
Pine does. You can get a demo of the White Pine version and/or choose to pay for it beyond the
demo period. White Pine just recently, I believe, announced availability of the Enhanced Mac
version. Not absolutely certain of this since I'm a PC user and pay only glancing attention to Mac

Yvonne Evans wrote:
> At 4:29 AM -0400 4/29/96, Eric Gist wrote:
> >has anyone else heard this rumor.
> >if you buy the Color QuickCAM you will need to purchase new cu-seeme
> >software from
> >cornell and it will cost some moeny. if this true? if so, how much would
> >it cost to
> >purchase the cu-seeme software for the Color QuickCAM. thanks.
> That is news to me. Cornell software as in the Enhanced software for macs
> that is only in beta? I will or should have the new color camera tomorrow
> and I will email what works with it and what software is included if anyone
> is interested
> Yvonne
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