Re: Sportster 33,600 defects

Bill Mikulic (
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 19:13:48 -0700

You are likely correct. USR had hellish problems when the Sportster 28.8 was
introduced and it is also likely that the 33.6 will also have problems.

I use a 28.8 sprortster at work and NEVER connect at 28.8. Although my AT&T
modem at home happily connects to anything at 28.8 everytime.

At 12:20 AM 4/29/96 +0000, wrote:
>I have just been told from someone high up that the current US
>ROBOTICS 33,600 sportsters on shelves now have alot of flaws in them,
>and thought that some people that are having problems with Cu-seeme
>could benifit from this info.
>I've also been told that they have a fix for the problem in the near
>I hope this is benificial to someone. Beware, some people believe
>there are people planted to kinda do help with damage control in the
>different telecommunications newsgroups, to downplay the problems
>with this modem.
>Guess the only way is to try a different modem if your using a
>sportster and judge for yourself. Seems so many news sources are
>biased now days, so beware!