Mac Performa & CU-SeeMe
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 05:02:01 -0500 (EST)

Geez, I hate newbie questions but I'm really not sure where to start with

I'm using a Mac Performa 6300CD, 32MG Ram, OS 7.6, Open Transport 1.1.2., and
a Connectix Color QC (v. 2.1). I've downloaded Cornell's freeware CU-Seeme
0.85b1 (PPC) & White Pine's Demo PPC CU-SeeMe 2.0.0, & would like to try them
out using AOL.

I can launch them, but as soon as all the windows open up, I get an error
type 11-restart freeze. I've got 6Megs of memory allocated to White Pine's &
4Megs allocated to Cornell's.

Would anyone care to give me some hints/help with this?